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Choosing a Vintage Engagement Ring

When making your selection from the thousands of wonderful vintage engagement rings on the market today, probably the first factor to consider will be the colour of the metal used.  Whether a bride-to-be plumps for yellow gold or white gold/platinum is all a matter of personal taste. 

For the prospective groom looking to buy an engagement ring, he will naturally feel under great pressure to choose just the right one.  An engagement ring is, after all, not a piece of jewellery just for special occasions, but to sit on your loved one’s finger and remind her of you, day in, day out for the rest of her life.  It is crucial that she will like it. 

Vintage Engagement Rings 

There is a craze presently for the Princess Di style ring, but it should be remembered that up until Prince William popped the question this style was much out of favour.  Some might find a heart-cut diamond incredibly romantic, whereas it may not quite be another lady’s cup of tea.  To get a good idea of what a girl wants, the simplest, and most discreet way, is to take a look at what she already wears.  The conventional, and perhaps safest choice, is a traditional solitaire, and with a nicely sized, well-cut stone, it’s difficult to imagine this style ever disappointing.  However, perhaps your bride to be has a penchant for Art Deco, in which case there are some wonderful examples from this era on the market. 

Some ladies like a coloured centre stone such as a ruby, emerald or sapphire – it’s worth checking her birthstone for added brownie points by showing you have taken the time to pick out something that’s really her,
The vast majority of vintage engagement rings comprise diamonds of some description.  When purchasing any precious stone, particularly diamonds, the ‘Four Cs’ should be considered.  We will take you through exactly what you need to look for when choosing the perfect vintage engagement ring.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings - Cuts


The cut of a precious stone can be its making or breaking.  Diamonds come in a range of cuts, from princess to baguette; oval to brilliant.  In its raw state, the stone is assessed and the cut is then made, tailored to the stone’s shape and clarity.  Brilliant cut diamonds feature a dazzling sparkle, though some prefer the refinement of a good emerald cut.  Picking out a ring according to the cut of the stone is a matter of personal taste, but, the most important factor to consider is that the cut should show the gemstone off to its very best.


This is arguably the key factor in determining the value of a stone.  Most gemstones have natural inclusions to some degree, particularly sapphires and emeralds, though invisible to the naked eye.  Indeed, in star rubies and sapphires these inclusions are what cause the starburst effect and are a plus rather than a minus.  Nearly all emeralds feature inclusions to one degree or another, though that doesn’t stop them being one of the most sought after gemstones on earth.  However, where inclusions are visible to the naked eye this can drastically reduce the stone’s value.


The colour of a stone, particularly a diamond, sapphire or ruby, is integral to deciding the stone’s value.  The usual diamond colour is, of course, white, but diamonds can come in several colours.  Coloured diamonds tend to go in and out of fashion.  Canary yellows were highly sought after in the Fifties but are less popular today.  At the same time, the pink and blue diamonds that are so fashionable now were less popular in the past.  So far as rubies are concerned, the blood red Burmese is always a good bet, set never to slip from style, though that isn’t to say the wonderful raspberry toned specimens are any less desirable, however.  It’s all a matter of personal taste.  With sapphires, the most highly prized shade is the beautiful royal blue of the Ceylon sapphire, though many prefer the cornflower blue and wonderful lilac shades.  Though conventional colourations are the safest bet, if you’re looking for something unique, a non-conventional coloured stone might.


Gemstones are measured in carats.  A carat is a measurement of the weight of the gem rather than its dimensions, which can sometimes be deceptive. In general, the higher the carat, the more the commercial value of the gemstone, thought that need not necessarily be so in every case.  The other three Cs will all play a huge part in determining the value of a gem.

We are delighted to bring you a great range of vintage engagement rings available on eBay today.  Our catalogue is continually updated so be sure to bookmark us.  If we don’t have the perfect vintage engagement ring for you here today, we’re sure to have it tomorrow.